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Mohammad Alhaboob Personal Bio

Mohamed Alhaboob is an independant artist living in Ottawa, Canada.

Mohamed Alhaboob was born in the country of Yemen. He is married and a father to five daughters. He has a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of Sana'a, and a diploma in Art from Korea.

He was a member of Arts Council Windsor & Region, with his most recent exhibit taking place May 20' to June 1', 2011 in Windsor, Ontario.

In 1977, he had his first art exhibit in Jibla, as well as six others in 1978, 1983, 1990, 1991 and 1993. His art was greatly influenced by surrealism, which became apparent in his work.

At a young age, American doctor Tellinghast saw potential in him. He showed him the importance and significance of art. From that point on, he had chosen the path to become an artist.

He has sold pieces internationally and has received a gold medal at the 13' Youth Festival in Korea, as well as a certificate for two of his pieces. Mohamed Alhaboob has actively participated in the following international events:

  • The 5th Arab Youth Festival in Damascus, Syria.
  • The 6th Arab Youth Festival in Taif, KSA.
  • The 12th Arab Youth Festival in Moscow, Russia.
  • The 13th Arab Youth Festival in Korea.
  • Going the distance at the Common Ground Art Gallery in Windsor, Canada.
  • Gallery 101 in Ottawa, Canada.

  • He also had many exhibits in Egypt, Tunisia, Kuwait, and many other countries, as well as artistic tours in Paris, Cairo, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.